Eating and Psychiatric Disorders Are Independent Risk Factors for Rumination Syndrome.

Cai JX, Wong D, Lee DJH, Chan WW. Eating and Psychiatric Disorders Are Independent Risk Factors for Rumination Syndrome. Journal of clinical gastroenterology. 2022;56(3):228-233.


GOAL: The goal of this study was to evaluate whether a history of eating disorders (EDs) or psychiatric disorders (PDs) are risk factors for rumination syndrome (RS).

BACKGROUND: RS is a disorder of gut-brain interaction characterized by an effortless postprandial retrograde flow of ingested contents. Disorder of gut-brain interactions have been associated with psychiatric and behavioral comorbidities. No prior comparative study has assessed the relationship between RS and ED or PD.

METHODS: This was a case-control study of adults with RS at a tertiary center in January 2013 to January 2018. Two age-matched/gender-matched controls per RS case were identified. The Fisher exact test (categorical)/Student t test (continuous) and forward stepwise logistic regression were performed for univariate and multivariable analyses, respectively.

RESULTS: Seventy-two patients (24 cases/48 controls) were included. Baseline demographics and characteristics were similar between cases and controls. Among RS patients, 9 (37.5%) had a history of ED, including 3 (12.5%) anorexia nervosa and 4 (16.7%) bulimia nervosa; and 20 (83.3%) had a PD, including 9 (37.5%) anxiety and 7 (29.2%) depression. Prevalence of ED (37.5% vs. 4.2%, P=0.0002) and PD (83.3% vs. 50.0%, P=0.0062) were higher among RS patients than controls. Specifically, the risks of anorexia nervosa (16.7% vs. 0%, P=0.005) and bulimia nervosa (21.1% vs. 0%, P=0.001) were both increased in RS patients. On multivariable analysis, ED (adjusted odds ratio=16.4, P=0.0033) and PD (adjusted odds ratio=4.47, P=0.029) remained independent predictors for RS.

CONCLUSIONS: A history of ED and PD were independent risk factors for RS. Abnormal eating behaviors and psychiatric comorbidities may contribute to the pathogenesis of RS. Evaluation of RS should include a detailed history for ED and PD.

Last updated on 01/17/2023